New Age Books

These are some books that I've enjoyed:

Out On A Limb
Dancing In The Light
by Shirley MacLaine
published by Bantam Books
Shirley MacLaine's journey to find spiritual enlightenment.
Going Within - A Guide To Inner Transformation
by Shirley MacLaine
What Shirley MacLaine learned on her journeys, and now teaches in her seminars.
Spirit Communication - The Soul's Path
by Kevin Ryerson and Stephanie Harolde
published by Bantam Books
Kevin Ryerson is the channeller that Shirley MacLaine talks about in her books. A guide to spirit communication and spiritual teachings from many sources.
Opening To Channel
by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer
published by H.J. Kramer Inc.
Practical ways for you to get in touch spiritually.
The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior
by Dan Millman
published by H.J. Kramer Inc.
The true story of world champion athlete Dan Millman's journey through his spiritual self.
Reliving Past Lives
by Helen Wambach, Ph.D.
published by Harper and Row
Under hypnosis, over 1,000 subjects talk about their past lives experiences.
The Light Beyond
by Raymond A. Moody, Jr., M.D.
published by Bantam Books
People who have died and been brought back to life talk about their near death experiences.
Many Lives, Many Masters
by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
published by Simon and Schuster
A doctor who is originally skeptical about past life regression becomes a believer as he and a patient explore the phenomenon together.

There are so many others!

Other Resources

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you might be familiar with the wonderful book store called The Bodhi Tree in West Hollywood. That store is now closed, but they now exist online.

There is a great chain of stores in Southern California and Nevada called The Psychic Eye Book Shop. Their Sherman Oaks store is loacated at 13435 Ventura Blvd. You can call them at (818) 906-8263 for more information or a store near you, or you can visit their website.

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