Who is God?

If you've never heard this before, or if you have a strong religious background, the answer to this question may sound very egotistical or presumptuous.

You are God.

And so am I. And so is everyone else in the world. We are all God.

Just think for a second how beautiful that concept is. If everyone truly believed that they were God, there could be no war. Everyone would love everyone, because they would believe they were all very special, and all the same.

Even if it doesn't cause you to treat others differently, when you believe that you are God, you must at least feel better about yourself knowing how special you truly are.

Simply affirming "I am God" out loud can make you feel good.

But, how can everybody be God? Read on!

What is God?

Most Native American cultures believe in the holyness of themselves and everything around them. Like many other peoples, they understood that everything had a common spirituality, from which everything good came.

God is literally the power of Goodness. (It's no coincidence those words are related.) Another word for this power is Love.

The Power of God, or Love, is the energy that makes the universe run. Without it, the universe would cease to exist.

The God Force is connected to everything. The simplest distribution of this power amplifies its overall effect on the universe. As living parts of the force ourselves, whenever we share the force with someone else, no matter how small the amount, the power of the love multiplies and we enrich ourselves and recharge the God Force everywhere.

So, hug a child. Smile at someone in your office. Call a friend and say hi. And you make the world a better place. Literally.

Just like your body is made up human cells, the God Force is made up of individual cells some religions call "souls", individual but at the same time always connected to every other soul that makes up the God Force. The natural state of existance for each cell of the God Force is on an etherial plane that we, as humans on earth, cannot easily directly experience.

Why are we here?

For a time, individual souls of the God Force take human form and live lives here on earth. Souls become incarnate here on earth for two reasons.

The first reason we live is to spread ourselves around, and share our wonderful gift of God inside us in every way we can. This is what being spiritual is all about, simply sharing our love. It is the highest state that a human being can achieve, the more Love you share, the better you feel and the more the totality of humanity is elevated.

The more we interact with each other and learn about each other and our methods of interaction, the more the process of sharing our Love is developed. Therefore, the second reason we live is to interact with each other in as many life situations as possible, to better understand our spiritual gift and the best ways to share it.

Why do we have many lives?

Our souls become incarnate (take on human form) here on earth so that they can interact, learn about each other, and share love. We do this more than once because there is much more exploration for us to do than one lifetime can provide. This is called reincarnation, becoming incarnate time after time.

In addition, sometimes people aren't very spiritual and have to come back and try and learn those lessons of spiritual interaction again.

Why are we what we are?

Personally, the concept of predestination, the concept that your life is planned ahead of time, before you are born, always bothered me until I understood the simple answers as to how and why we live here on earth.

The fact is, it's not so bad that your life is pre-planned when you understand that it was You that planned it all out yourself!

Before we start a new incarnation, we pick who we want to be, who will be our mother and father, our family and potential lovers and life partners. This allows us to plan out interactions, relationships and new situations that we want to experience, or ones we need to do again because something went wrong or unfinished in a previous lifetime.

Because human interaction is very complex, and, as you probably know, it's usually very difficult to be spiritual here on earth, we spend many lifetimes working with the same groups of souls on these relationships. This means that souls stay together loosely as familes over and over in many lifetimes, with new family members coming and going.

In addition, we in part pick our gender (and other things about our life) depending on whatever is convenient to allow us to interact with the other souls we have issues with. Sometimes souls that might be father and son in one lifetime may be husband and wife in another, or mother and daughter in yet another, whatever is convenient to allow us to fit ourselves into the lifeplans of the other souls we want to be with and interact with. This is a simple explanation for some people's preference for same-sex relationships, as it could allow for their interaction with others they need to interact with, who happen to be the same gender in the parallel lifetimes.

Why are some lives so difficult?

We spend much time and effort planning our lives so they coincide with the objectives of others also alive, and to accomplish new goals and continue work on other unfinished goals. There is love to share and chances to be spiritual on every level of our life.

As each of us learn and explore, it's logical that we get to a point where the lessons remaining for us are the difficult ones, the ones we may keep coming back on time after time. This is not a bad thing, it is just part of the process, and our loved ones (here on earth and also ones not presently incarnate on earth) share and help and are with us.

Every situation has the potential for spiritual sharing and growth. Even a situation we might consider a sad tradgedy, as a little baby dying, brings together the mother and father sharing emotions of love for the baby and each other that could be experienced no other way. Indeed, that might have even been the baby's mission in the life it picked this time around.

Past or future?

Most people who think about other incarnations think of them as "past lives". The truth is that we have a lot more flexibilty than that in planning our lives to get the most out of our potential situations and interactions.

Most human beings feel controlled and trapped by the way we perceive time, from past to present to future. Graphically, our earthly perception of time looks something like this:

Freed from the constraints of life here on earth, the true concept of how time looks is very different.

Picture a circle, with you at its center. Every point in time is on the outer edge of the circle. Notice how every point in time is equally distant from where you are.

This means you don't have to do a lifetime in the 1800's before one in the 1900's and then one in the 21st century. You can pick and choose where you need to be for each lifetime. After this lifetime, you can live a lifetime in the 1800's.

This concept of time has two other important side effects. First, since all points in time are equidistant from where you are now, that also means that all those other points in time are also happening now. "Time travel" is an everyday occurance for spirits.

Also, take a look at the circle with you in the middle of it again, and compare it to the time line example above. Notice something important missing from the circle? It has no end! The world can never end if you have unlimited chance for lives in earlier time periods! Doesn't it make you feel better that you no longer have to worry about the inevitable destruction of the planet?

How do we know these things?

There are many ways for souls on the etherial plane, the normal plane of existance for souls that are not incarnate (presently in human form), to communicate with our earthly plane.

In addition, our souls can also travel the other way and visit the etherial plane.

Sensitive humans, called Mediums or Pyschics, can tune into the thought processes of other souls and actually communicate with them. Almost always, this involves some sort of meditation so that all other earthly influences can be tuned out and the thoughts of the other souls heard.

Edgar Cayce is an example of a famous psychic. He could communicate with souls on the etherial plane, ask them questions, and get back sometimes very complicated answers, which he would write down.

Some people, called Channelers, are actually sensitive enough to allow willing souls to physically speak through them, using the person's physical body. One channeller says he feels like a telephone, an instrument being used by the other soul for communication with us. Usually a channeller will have a certain entity or group of them that like to use the person for imparting knowledge to us, with the channeler's permission, of course.

It is also possible for us, during sleep or meditation, to consciously travel to the other plane of existance for small periods of time, to interact with other souls. This is called Astral Projection.

Through these methods, entities that have access to the knowledge about the truth of the universe teach it to us, to help us become more spiritual and loving people.

Why doesn't everyone know these things?

Although the spirits teach us these things and help us learn how to explore other lifetimes we have had, they also tell us that we are born without knowing these things, so that we can stay focused on our main job, which is to learn about each other and to love one another.

They stress that they teach us about these things so that we may understand more about what's important in this lifetime, and although understanding other lifetimes is helpful in our work in this lifetime, it's not good to spend to much time thinking about other lifetimes. This could keep us from doing what we are supposed to do in this lifetime.

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